Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to Get Worth!

I guess I'll kick things off with some information about myself and the purpose of this blog so you can make a quick judgement whether to keep reading or clear your history and pretend this never happened.

It all started when I was a glimmer in my…ok too far back.  So I'm K, a 27ish year-old software developer.  If you assumed I'm a male because of my job then shame on you, that's sexist or something.  But yes, you were right to go with the odds, I am in fact a man.  That sounds weird declaring myself to be a man, reminds me of the OSU coach Mike Gundy's rant

(if only I was 40...or better yet, if only he was 27).  Focus K, focus, now where were we.  Ah yes, about me.  Well that's probably already more than many of you want to know.

So why is someone who spends 9 hours a day in front of a computer opting to tack on another 2 or 3?  Because the computers speak to me…  There isn't a whole lot to it.  I enjoy talking/reading/hearing about things.  Pretty simple, right?  What kind of things you ask, well I like knowing about things that can add value to my life and make things better, easier and more fun.  Hence, the blog name, Get Worth.  One of the bigger parts of making life easier for me is knowing about things that can help me worry less about money.  Things that can make me money, things that I can enjoy without spending money, or things that offer so much value that I'm willing to part with some of my money.  Also, I think there is a lot of useful financial information out there that can make a big impact with only minor changes. 

To close out this first post, let's go over feedback.  I encourage comments, questions, answers, emails, etc.  I think these things will help make the blog better and more useful for everyone.  If you have any specific questions, financial or otherwise, feel free to email me.

Disclaimer:  The information provided in this blog is for entertainment purposes only.  While I will be suggesting things that I do/use/buy/sell/eat/enjoy/something, always keep in mind that I am a software developer.  Finance has always been a hobby of mine and I would like to think that I am fairly sensible about it, but in the end my major is in being a computer nerd.  I'm just a financial nerd on the side.

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