Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fairs Are Fun

This past weekend Mrs. K and I went to a county fair for the first time in...well, a long time. She had a craving for shaved ice and I had a hankering for some mini-donuts. I have a soft spot for them or more accurately from them.

At the gate I was a little surprised by the six dollar entry fee. I was used to free admission fairs. At least now I had a goal, outside of just getting mini-donuts, I was going to get my six dollars worth.

First stop, a baby monkey. What? Yep, a baby monkey. Did I want my picture taken with it for eight bucks, no. Did we waste a few minutes watching it do crazy monkey things, of course. For the next couple hours we wandered the fair grounds looking at all the booths, rides, cows, horses and llamas. There was some food and craving-easing done in there somewhere. Granted that cost some money, but it would at home too. Plus a fair is as good of reason as any to eat some less than healthy food and feel ok about it.

All in all, a pretty good time was had and we were ready to head home. Until I found out it was only a half hour until the greatest event that fairs have to offer. Butter eating contests? No. Turtle races? Not quite. It's the demolition derby. To me there is nothing better than people taking cars and running them into each other until they can't...run into each other anymore. It must be the caveman in me. K SMASH. Needless to say Mrs. K was not quite as enthused, but she's a trooper and let me have my silly fun. Almost three hours of awesome crazy fun.
Cars go smash, make K smile.

Six hours after paying what I thought was a lot for entry into the fair, we left feeling pretty entertained. Where else can you pay one dollar per hour for such an array of entertainment. Oreos on sticks, monkeys, llamas, cars running into each other. Pretty cheap fun, definitely worth the price of admission.

What have you done lately for cheap entertainment?  Find a county fair in your area here.


  1. Oh, how I miss the demolition derby...have to find one nearby to see. Thanks for the great idea maybe we can find something for our back to school fun day.

  2. Way to be a trooper Mrs. K!