Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Netflix - Best Shows to Watch Instantly

We've been using Netflix online streaming as our main source of TV-related entertainment since canceling our satellite dish. I'm always looking for ideas on what good television series are available for streaming. With that in mind, I thought it would be useful to create a post and static page about what shows on Netflix we and our circle think are worth watching. Is your favorite show missing? Add a comment, we're in this together.

Completed Series

  • Lost - So much mystery you will never know anything ever again. We started this late and were able to watch the first two seasons straight through, 20+ hours one weekend in college. It's that good.
  • Arrested Development - Pretty hilarious dysfunctional family. Word on the street is that it's coming back. That's right, I'm street literate.
  • Friday Night Lights - Don't think that you shouldn't watch this just because it's about high school football. That's what I thought and almost missed out on this awesome series.
  • Battlestar Galactica - Don't think that you shouldn't watch this ...hmm this is sounding familiar...just because it's about spaceships. It's not as nerdy as you think.
  • 24 - THIS IS JACK BAUER!!! Watch and you'll know why that's funny.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I thought this would be a little too teenage girlish for me. Either I was wrong or I'm not as masculine as I thought. I guess I'm ok with either.
  • Nip/Tuck - This is a little more adult. We watched the first scene of the first episode a few years ago and stopped. After canceling the dish this year, we came back and made it through the first scene, then watched the entire series in short order.  It started to slide after a few seasons, but still worth checking out.
  • Heroes  - Yatta! Enough said. Well, maybe not enough said since you haven't seen it. Super powers, I mean lots of super powers. Enough said?
  • Prison Break - Oh yeah, Wentworth Miller. Mrs. K hijacked the MacBook for that one. Although he is pretty dreamy. It's a solid show with some pretty memorable characters.
  • Firefly - Only 14 episodes long, which is hard to believe because it was pretty good. If you have a weekend that you're looking to just lay around and watch something, this is it.  Then get a little extra fix with the movie, Serenity.

In-Progress Series

  • Burn Notice - Now that House is over, Michael Westen is my undisputed favorite character on TV. I want to have his babies...when science catches up.
  • Mad Men - This one took a few episodes to get into, but once you get there it's pretty awesome. It's fun looking at the way things were back in the day.
  • Archer - Do not discount this because it is a cartoon. You will never forgive yourself and I will never forgive you either. Archer is the cartoon version of Michael Westen, but...are you sitting down...EVEN MORE AWESOME. With that said, it is a highly inappropriate show, but hilariously funny.
  • Weeds - Well, it isn't about gardening. So, somewhat questionable subject matter. This is one of my favorites though. Lots of humor, some drama, more humor. Good times!
  • Parenthood - This one is kind of the warm and fuzzy family drama/comedy. I'm not sure why, but I really like it.


  1. Being a fellow member of the No Dish movement (though now I've unfortunately become stuck with paying for cable for a full year), I have a few shows of my own to add to the list.

    Doctor Who: The long-running British series-turned-international-phenomenon will strike you as odd; some of the special effects and production values at the beginning of the most recent revival may even make you laugh, but watch enough episodes and you too will find yourself joining the cult following this show has generated.

    Mythbusters: Eyebrow-searing explosions, comedy, and at times, flat out absurd experimentation. Need I say more?

    Deadliest Warrior: Where else can you see a Spartan take on a Ninja? Essentially a Mythbusters for weaponry lovers (or violent types).

    South Park: The rarely appropriate, usually offensive, and always hilarious animated children.

    American Dad: Same vein as Family Guy, and same creator. However, if you find Family Guy's use of cutaway humor to be annoying at times, I find American Dad increases the comedic payload while minimizing cutaway humor to almost zero.

    How I Met Your Mother: Filling the hole left by the famous Friends sitcom, this series rises above others of its kind by packing the most serious comedic punch of any show I've ever seen -- I'm talking sore ribs and teary eyes.

    Blue Mountain State: A "football" series that is less gridiron and more American Pie. If you're not a fan of crude comedy, pass on this one. If you don't mind it, the humor contained in this rather short-lived series might surprise you.

    These last two shows are absolutely worth watching, but have been on and off Netflix due to contract disagreements. Should they return, waste no time jumping into these; you won't regret it.

    Dexter: If you haven't heard of this series, you may live in a cave far away from civilization. Michael C. Hall portrays the dearly demented serial-killing vigilante in this series packed with suspense, drama, and even comedy; in my eyes, this series has set the bar impossibly high for other shows. Easily my favorite thing ever shown on television.

    Dead Like Me: A morbid comedy, revealing a rather hilarious outlook on death and the afterlife. May make you view your coworkers in a suspicious new light...

    1. Ah yes, I love Dexter. I guess I forgot to mention it since it isn't available for streaming currently. Impressive list!

  2. Just saw my first episode of Archer. Hilarious. For raunchiness, it's almost like a cartoon version of Louie.

    1. I was a little leery because it's animated but it is so awesome. I've never heard of the Louie show. If it's anything like Archer I'll have to check it out.

  3. Arrested Development is the best. So dense, if you're laughing out loud you'll miss something! Probably my most rewinded show.

    Here's some of my other faves:
    Breaking Bad
    Parks and Rec
    Walking Dead

    Archer may not be for everyone...but if you watch one episode or Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead I would be surprised if you didn't watch more.

    1. Arrested Development was great, hopefully it's just as good next time around. Breaking Bad I really want to watch but I'm trying to hold off so there are more episodes to watch straight through.

    2. Can't wait for AD season 4!
      As for Breaking Bad, the first 4 seasons are on there, and the 5th and final is airing on AMC right now. Which means it'll be another year until that one is probably loaded on Netflix.

    3. I was wondering if the final season had been announced. I didn't want to search for it because I've hit a few spoilers over the years from doing that. Thanks for the information!

  4. Love streaming on my Roku. Haven't had cable, no need for it with all the TV available through streaming. Agree with many of the shows on your list. My recent watch list shows include:

    Lie to Me
    White Collar
    Melissa & Joey
    Army Wives
    Drop Dead Diva