Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Apple Update

Original Photo by zolierdos.
Happy Face by K!
It seems like only yesterday I was scolding myself for being greedy in Sour Apple. Yet here we are only one week later and I was able to sell Apple at my profit target and make my 4%. Could I have made a lot more had I sold where I should have and bought it back after the earnings miss? Yes, thanks for reminding me.

Another sign of my increasing discipline, I was able to resist the urge to buy back in to something else right away. Maybe it was only because I couldn't find anything before the market closed, maybe. The reason I didn't want to buy anything right away was because the Fed has been meeting and will be releasing its report. Like earnings days, I try not to trade right before a Fed report because of the craziness that ensues.

Now I need to start scanning for stocks to add to my watch list for after the Fed report is released. Plus, the Rockies are the MLB Free Game of the Day! I know, hell must have froze over because they were just on a week ago. Time to get the ice skates!

Oh, and for those of you interested in swing trading stocks or just curious what I'm trying to do, here is the site that got me started.

When was the last time that you made a money decision with your heart instead of your head?


  1. Isn't APPL supposed to go up to 1k a share? I remember when I held shares in the $200 range. Sometimes I wish I held on till $600 to sell. But I did make a profit and I don't think anyone would've known for sure that in a year it would double.

    1. Yeah, there was one analyst that had a price target over $1,000. If only I had started picking stocks back then. I'd like to think I would have bought some Apple. It's always tough selling winners but you have to take profits while they're there.