Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy Kicks

My five year old shoes only tell me that I'm getting old.
Yesterday I came across a headline for LeBron James' new shoes. Which are, wait for it...$315. I mean, I haven't bought a pair of basketball shoes in awhile, but I'm pretty sure this is a little on the high side.

After reading the article it turns out there is a reason these shoes are so expensive. They have some fancy motion sensing electronics that can tell you different things like how high you jump or how far you run. Great, now if I just had a $300 pair of pants that would tell me how long I've been sitting on my rear, I'd be all set.

Turns out you can get the base model, that's right shoes now have base models, for $180. This still seems a little on the high side. Back in high school, I remember buying (by buying I mean my parents buying) a pair of basketball shoes for around $100 and another pair for $100 and maybe one other pair for $100. I may have been a little spoiled. When you're a kid you don't know any better, or at least I didn't. Looking back I can't believe I (my parents) paid that much for shoes. Sorry Mom and Dad.

What's something you (or your parents) bought when you were younger that you would think twice about buying now because of the price?


  1. Probably just about everything from food to clothes to toys/games/entertainment. I still don't like going shopping now without my mom just in case she wants to buy me something :), but I do the same with my kids too.

  2. I think you got a little more use out of the shoes than you did the Allen Iverson finger sleeves.

    Clothes come to mind. I wouldn't be willing to drop $60+ on a pair of brand name jeans. That's $60 I could be investing in a company. And by a company, I mean Blizzard. And by investing, I mean buying games. Consequently, video games also have a pretty steep price tag, but I guess you have to pick your battles.